[RE-MENT] Random Gudetama Opening!

(Modern Gudetama, Welcome to Gudetama Ryokan, Gudetama Meets More Danger)

Hey guys!!! I’m back! After nearly… 2 years?? Gosh. Time definitely flies! But I think it’s pretty insane how I am STILL into Re-Ment sets!! If you are a collector as well you would have noticed… that Gudetama Re-Ment sets are EVERYWHERE. I have lost count on the number of series they have released.

I picked 3 boxes up the other day from series that caught my interest. They are (from left to right):

  • Modern Gudetama
  • Welcome to Gudetama Ryokan
  • Gudetama Meets More Danger

(I hope you guys don’t mind the photos in this post as I took them at a Starbucks… I was too excited to see what I got and couldn’t wait!!)

Let’s check out what I got!

Let’s begin with this set – [RE-MENT] Modern Gudetama

What caught my attention was the Gudetama at the bottom right with a wig and holding a selfie stick! Haha! I find it absolutely hilarious. I serious hope I get that in the box! But before that let’s check out what’s in the series eh?

So there are a total of 8 different sets in this series. They all seem to depict Gudetama on popular food items. I will actually pretty much be happy with anything I get from this series. They all look good to me!

So this is what I got…
#4 Beef Bowl

These are all the parts that came in the box. I love how Gudetama has his tie on his head like a drunk man!

AND WOULD YOU LOOK AT THIS TINY LAPTOP. It opens and closes! Like an actual laptop! Annnnnnddddd I kind broke it while taking the photo lol. The top and bottom came apart ._.

Here’s the set put together. Ain’t it cute!

And here’s a bonus butt shot.

Okay let’s move on to the next one!!!

[RE-MENT] Welcome to Gudetama Ryokan

I picked this out because I spotted a few sets that I thought looked adorbs. Check it out:

I kinda hoped for Set #6. I like looking at Gudetama soak in food lol.

And this is what I got instead:


That is Set #2 Arriving at Ryokan. Don’t you think the key looks… huge?

Yup. The key is definitely a tad too big lol. Or rather, the tag that comes with the key. And maybe it’s just me but I think the backdrop is kinda suitable for this set =P

Okay on to the last set!!! It is also the set I was most looking forward to!

[RE-MENT] Gudetama Meets More Danger!

I am IN LOVE with this series. They depict Gudetama in dangerous situations and the sets are hilarious. And really dynamic-looking too! I had a really good feeling when I picked up the box as it felt much heavier than regular Re-ment boxes. It seemed like it could really be #5, and that was what I wanted!

AND YES!!! #5 Large Explosion

Haha! Isn’t this just the most amazing thing you have seen? Egg.. exploding microwave… It is JUST. SO. PERFECT. I must applaud Re-Ment for coming up with fantastic ideas like this!

LOOKIT!!! He’s so tinyyyyyy. I love tiny. ‘Nuff said.

That’s it for today’s post! Which one did you like best? I definitely love #5 Large Explosion from the Gudetama Meets More Danger series! Let me know what you think!


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