[RE-MENT] Pokemon, Sumikko Gurashi, Gudetama

Heya! I’m back with more Re-ment! I think I’m obsessed D: I found a few more cute series and I just wanted to get them so bad!

Let’s check out what we have today:
Left – [RE-MENT] Pokemon – Pikachu loves ketchup
Middle – [RE-MENT] Sumikko Patisserie

Alright let’s go into detail!

[RE-MENT] Pokemon – Pikachu loves ketchup

Front of box. Fans of Pikachu would know he LOVES his ketchup!

There’s eight to collect in this series! Which one will I get?

#8 Ketchup…

Omg can I say YAY? I love this set! Pikachu looks so adorbs with his watery-eyes and that broken ketchup bottle! Love love love!!!

Awww I wanna give him a new bottle right there and then!

[RE-MENT] Sumikko Patisserie

I love anything miniature, especially pastries. So when I saw this series I was so tempted to buy the entire set.

I mean, just look at that!!! It’s insanely cute <3 <3 <3

GAHHHH MINI CAKES!!! *Screams internally*

#1 – Recommended Cake

Can you guys name the cakes? I think they are (from left to right): Mont Blanc, Cheesecake(?), Matcha Cake, Strawberry Shortcake. Do leave us a comment if you think it’s a different cake! 😀

So tinyyyyyy <3



Gudetama really is all the hype these days eh? And I am somehow… falling for it too! I guess he appeals to me because he’s so lazy and I can kinda understand him :3

In the series! I already have #3 Scotch Egg and #5 Large Explosion.

Flour! Lots of flour!!

#4 Powder Covered

Gosh. Can I talk about how much I absolutely love this? It just feels so dynamic with the floating milk and powder. Once again, I think Re-ment has outdone themselves! I am constantly surprised and amazed at their intricacy and attention to detail! I think that’s what really keeps me going back for more!

I’m a playful person. I can’t help doing this shot! Hello again Sanji! <3

Today’s line up!

I think I love everything I have today! What do you guys think? Do you want to see more Re-ment? Do check out Abi’s new video! She’s running a giveaway and you just might be the lucky one to win some Re-ment of your own!

Until then, ciao!

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