[RE-MENT] Pokemon, Rilakkuma, Snoopy

Hey guys! Like I promised previously, I’m back with more Re-ment! And this time round they are not Gudetama. Heh!

Let’s take a look at the line up today. From left to right, we have:
+ [RE-MENT] Pokemon Chikakuniirukamo?
+ [RE-MENT] Rilakkuma Sushi
+ [RE-MENT] Snoopy’s Let’s Go HAPPY CAMP!

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Okay let’s check out what I got this time!

[RE-MENT] Pokemon Chikakuniirukamo? – #6 Gangar/ Gengar

Pika Pika?

The entire lineup. Names are in Japanese!

Y’all know, I was really really hoping to get #1 Pikachu. I’m a huge Pikachu fan and he just looks so darn cute here peeking his head out! You can tell from the heading thought that I got #6 Gangar (or Gengar in English) instead. Here he is:

That evil grin!!!

He’s plump and cute though! I do like his silhouette a lot. Heh. Let’s check out a few more views!

Very detailed and spikey back.

Size on my hand.

I think I’m definitely going back for this set just because I want the Pikachu so badly! Alright next up!


[RE-MENT] Rilakkuma Sushi – #1 Recommendation

Which set has caught your eye?

On first look, I wanted any set that has tiny little piece of sushi. That’s totally just my miniature-freak in me calling out! So I was really glad when I saw this:


“Sir, would you like to try today’s recommendation?”

Just look at that! I find this set so gorgeous! I love how Re-ment has linked every piece of sushi to the overall theme of Rilakkuma. I’m gonna zoom in on my two favourite pieces:

That is just SO impressive.

I love how that sauce on top is shaped in Rilakkuma’s head. The translucency.. That extra drop of sauce.. The texture all round.. Gosh! It’s really genius! Gahhhh I’m so in love with it right now!

Okay I’m sorry I gushed! Let’s move on to the last set!

[RE-MENT] Snoopy’s Let’s Go HAPPY CAMP! – #3 Lure Fishing

Here are some of the sets you can get from this series!

Shall we go fishing?

I’ve been a fan of Snoopy(and Woodstock) since I was a kid and so I was really excited to pick up a box from this series! This set came with a cute fishing rod and a hat that Snoopy can put on. That round translucent thing on the bottom left is meant to go into the bucket, and actually has the faint outline of two fishes in it! Let me put everything together so you can get a better idea.


Now, everything goes on pretty well. The only thing is, I wish Snoopy is able to hold the rod somehow. But that’s just me being picky! Hee.

If I get this set again, I really wanna get the telescope set. If you come by it will you let me know? 🙂

Okiedokes! That’s all for today. I’ll definitely be back with more Re-ment sets and Gacha toys! Leave us a comment so we know you want MOARRRR. Have a lovely day!

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