[RE-MENT] Modern Gudetama

Hey guys! I’m back again with another Re-Ment post! Yes, once again I parked myself calmly at a Starbucks before opening these. Check out my previous post to find out what I got! —> http://www.trinkettowne.com/re-ment-random-gudetama-opening-modern-gudetama-welcome-to-gudetama-ryokan-gudetama-meets-more-danger/

Today, we have [RE-MENT] MODERN GUDETAMA. In case you have forgotten the line-up, here it is:

In my last post, I got set #4 Beef Bowl. It was super cute, but really, I want sets #2, #3, and #5. Will I be lucky this round???

Sigh. I basically did not get a single one that I wanted. RAWR. Not even with 3 boxes!!!


Let’s take a look at the ones I’ve got eh?

[RE-MENT] Modern Gudetama #1 – Red Eye

I think I was giggling to myself when I saw this set. Look at that ridiculous get up! Let me put some parts together so you’ll get a better look.

Is that not the silliest hairdo???

All the parts placed together! It’s pretty unstable though. A slight tremble would just topple it!

Okay, moving on!

[RE-MENT] Modern Gudetama #7 – Ramen

Those of you who are familiar with Re-Ment displays would know how much detail is placed in every set. Look at how the noodles and the soup are separate! And with the shape of the noodles imprinted on the soup no less!

He looks relaxed.

Seems like the toppings have imprinted onto his body as well! Ha!

I kindaaaaa wanna have some ramen now… with the delicious charsiew slices… yummm.

I’m starting to think that look might just be him accepting his fate. Lol.

Last but not least!

[RE-MENT] Modern Gudetama #7 – Vegetable Crepe

Have you guys had crepe before? I don’t think I’ve ever tried a savoury crepe. What’s your favourite crepe?


So he’s supposed to fit into this white ring, and there are imprints of his hair and legs to help secure the piece together.


I would say this set is pretty cute with his blushing cheeks and weird hairdo!

Here’s all 3 sets together. Which is your favourite set? I actually like #7 Ramen the best. What about you?

Thanks for reading again guys! I’ll try to get non-gudetama sets the next round! Let us know in the comments if there are any particular Re-Ment sets you would like to see! Ciao!

And here’s the mandatory butt-shot:

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