Nendoroid Co-de: PriPara Toudou Shion

Fellow PriPara lovers rejoice! Toudou Shion is finally here. After completing Solami Smile collection I was really excited for the arrival of my Dressing Pafe Nendoroids. The first one is here and I am absolutely in love!

Shion comes in her Eternal Punk Coord and Baby Monster Cyalume Coord

Here’s the Eternal Punk outfit. I think I like this one the best. The hearts on her jacket are so cute. I really love Shion’s side ponytail as well. I do wish that the hair pieces could be a little different, but it’s not like they have a lot of hairstyles in the anime either.

Baby Monster Cyalume Coord. I wish that the hair pieces weren’t quite so flimsy, but they’re cute so I’ll just have to take good care of them and make sure I don’t damage or lose them.

Shion with her coords mixed and matched. They go pretty well, I guess.

And here she is wearing some bits and pieces of the SoLaMi Smile member’s outfits. I think Sophie’s top goes really well with Shion’s Cyalume skirt.

I still don’t think the outfits mix too well, but it’s a lot of fun and I think it’s a really cool idea. I really hope that they make Falulu, Aroma, and Mikan! Fuwari would be adorable as well.

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  1. Did you know some new ones were recently announced? Faruru and a set of coords for the figures.

    I’d love to get these, but I’m more into Nendoroids with parts. The idea of mix-and-match just doesn’t appeal to me DX but I’ve been considering taking a chance to get one after I saw Faruru.

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