Nendoroid Co-de: PriPara Minami Mirei

I’m falling behind on my unboxings! I’m here today to share photos of when I unboxed the lovely Mirei from PriPara. Just like Manaka Lala, Good Smile Company produced two Mirei Nendoroids.

I’m usually a fan of of the “sweet” or “cool” styles, but Mirei is a favorite even though she represents the “pop” side of fashion. I love her hair so much. Her heart pose is too cute!

Here are all the pieces for the Magical Clown Coord.

Mirei is just too cute!

Candy Alamode Cyalume Coord!

Both Mireis together. Which one do you like better?

Mirei and Lala! They can’t wait for Sophie to join them.

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