[Gashapon] Post Office Gacha Collection Part 2

Hey guys! I’m back with another gacha (or gashapon) post! I came across a whole row of gacha machines in the mall and of course I had to make a stop. This is a post office collection and I fell in love with it the moment I saw the line-up! This is known as Part 2 as they came up with Part 1 last year. I have it somewhere in my stash I think!

The official image from Takara Tomy’s site is a little tiny D:

I hope this is somehow a little clearer!

#1 – 「丸型郵便ポスト(郵便差出箱1号丸型)」 – Round Type Postbox (Postal Delivery Box No. 1 Round Form)
#2 – 「小型郵便ポスト(郵便差出箱10号)」- Small Postbox (Postal Delivery Box No. 10)
#3 – 「雪だるま郵便ポスト」 – Snowman Postbox
#4 – 「郵便局看板サインライト+郵便配達員キャップ」 – Post Office Billboard Sign Light + Postman Cap
#5 – 「郵便ポストダンボーキーホルダー」 – Postbox Danbo Key Ring

There are five different gachas in this collection and I tried it 7 times in hopes of getting them all. Strangely enough, the gacha capsules this round all look the same ._.


Oh well, I knew I didn’t manage to get the full set but I was kinda spending a little too much (they cost 300JPY each, or 3USD) and I had to give up 🙁

Three doubles D;

Again, I always put up some of my doubles on our Storenvy (click the link!). We sell them off at the same price we got them. Basically it helps us get more toys to blog/video about! So do check it out! 🙂

Alright. Let’s take a close look at each individual one shall we?

#1 – 「丸型郵便ポスト(郵便差出箱1号丸型)」 – Round Type Postbox (Postal Delivery Box No. 1 Round Form)

The parts. 

Comes with a tiny sticker that indicates mail collection times. Love the details!

It goes on here. My old camera doesn’t really focus well D;

Height comparison with Yotsuba. It’s a little too small since it’s 1:15 while Yotsuba is 1:12. But cute!

And it opens up!!!

#2 – 「小型郵便ポスト(郵便差出箱10号)」- Small Postbox (Postal Delivery Box No. 10)

I’m missing this piece! 🙁

#3 – 「雪だるま郵便ポスト」 – Snowman Postbox

Omigosh it’s a snowman!

Slightly shorter than the first one. But larger in real life since it is 1:18!

You can actually slot mini mail in!

And retrieve it from the back!

#4 – 「郵便局看板サインライト+郵便配達員キャップ」 – Post Office Billboard Sign Light + Postman Cap

This set comes with two straps! Bonus!

It’s a snap back cap that is adjustable! Gosh!

And it’s a perfect fit for Yotsuba!!!

And surprise! It lights up too!

#5 – 「郵便ポストダンボーキーホルダー」 – Postbox Danbo Key Ring

It’s!!! It’s Danbo! <3

Yotsuba taking Danbo for a walk? Lol.

So how did you guy like this series? I really wish I can get the second one! And.. I might have the first series somewhere lol. If I find it I’ll write up a post on it!

One shot together!

Which is your favourite. To be honest, I can’t decide here! I love them all gaaaaah. Let us know in the comments which one you would like to have!

If you would like to look at more gachas (gashapons), do check out Abi’s videos!

Until then, I hope you had a good look at them! Ciao~

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