[Gashapon] Disney Kanahei’s Design Figure Mascots – A Gacha Disaster!


If you guys do not know Kanahei yet, she’s a really popular illustrator and also the creator of many top stickers in LINE. And lately, she has collaborated with Disney to roll out lots of merch, including stationery, clothes, and not forgetting, gacha straps! So when I saw Abi’s video (click the link and watch it!) where she got Donald, I just HAAAAAD to get my hands on some!

I was excited to find them in our local store and immediately took out my coins. That’s when the disaster took place.

I literally have no words.

These babies cost me 300JPY(3USD) each and!!! Lookit!!! THREE PURPLES! TWO ORANGES!


Annnnnd. NO DONALD!

*cues melodramatic music*

Well, So I got 3 out of 5. Shall we see what I’ve got anyway?

Awwwwww, aren’t they simply the cutest?

They just look so joyful! And me being me, I’m gonna show you a BUTTSHOT!

Cute from the back too!

So all in all, I have three Daisies, two Minnies, and a Mickey. Omg I want the Donald so bad! But what if I get Daisy againnnnn?

Should I try again? Which one would you guys want? If you want Daisy or Minnie, do get the extras from our Storenvy right here! They are going at the exact same price as I got them – 3USD. Get them before they’re gone!

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