Disney Store Zodiac & Matsuri Blind Bags

If you’ve followed me for any amount of time you’ll know that I can’t resist cute blind bags. I found out that the Disney Store here in Japan released an adorable zodiac series and I had to grab a few! As I mentioned in my video, I don’t know too much about zodiacs or horoscopes except for what I’ve seen in the Fairy Tail anime.

I think anyone would fall in love with this packaging! They’re also not that expensive! One blind bag is 300 yen + tax! I’m so tempted to try and collect all 12…probably shouldn’t though.

As you can see I am curs-I mean, blessed with doubles luck! Since I’m a july baby my zodiac is indeed Leo, but that doesn’t mean that I need two of them D: In my unboxing video I asked you guys to guess who Angel represented and most of you guessed Virgo! I am happy to say that you are correct!

I also grabbed two more of the summer festival matsuri blind bags! These were also 300 yen + tax each! Last time I opened 5 of these and got a lot of doubles. I want Baymax and Donald so bad! If anyone wants to trade, please tweet me!

Minnie and Daisy look really nice in their yukatas (summer kimonos) 😀

I also grabbed a few things at Tokyo Disney Resort too! Aren’t these food stickers adorable?

If you want to see what else I got, please check out the video!

(Spoiler: I got a really cute pair of socks :P)

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  1. These straps are adorable. The packaging looks worth saving for a scrapbook. Disney Company should have a section of the Disney Stores / online store featuring awesome Japanese Disney goods.

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