Disney Magic Castle Wave 5 & Kira Kira Shiny Party Event

It’s 2 more days until Disney Magic Castle Kira Kira Shiny Star Wave 5 goes live! I’m so excited! I apologized for the lack of updates, but I really haven’t been playing much since I kinda gave up on collecting the SR cards from wave 4. Buying a full set of N and R cards from Yahoo! Auctions was a mistake on my part because I totally ran out of things to do and you can only play the Your Shiny Story stage so many times because your brain starts to go loopy.

I did play this last weekend though when I went to a Kira Kira Party event with my friend. It was definitely an event aimed at kids and I felt VERY awkward sitting around a DMC machine with 10 little kids and their parents. I suffered (HA!) through an embarrassing 30 minutes and walked out with an exclusive sticker, set of cards, and a digital trophy for my game. I have yet to actually see this trophy, but it was the main reason I participated so let’s hope it’s there next time I play!

The outfit set isn’t that strong, but it’s cute and exclusive. That’s enough for me!

Anyway, back to wave 5 talk! I’m super excited for the new Matsuri (festival) stage. I hope the music is good 😀 I kinda wish the main characters weren’t Mickey and Minnie as they were already featured in the Easter stage and it looks like they’re going to be on the keys for the Halloween stage as well. I know the keys only affect what characters shows up for the special appeal (or something like that) but it would be nice to see some other characters too!

It also looks like we’re going to be seeing Lilo and Stitch in wave 5! That makes me super happy as Stitch is one of my favorite characters (along with Donald Duck, of course!) My biggest goal for wave 5 is to complete the Lilo & Stitch SR coord. We’ll see how lucky I get. If I win any other SR cards I may try to trade them for Lilo & Stitch cards because I feel that completing 3 SR coords is nearly impossible unless I want to drop a lot of money…which I’m not prepared to do quite yet.

Anyway, this was just a quick update to let you guys know that I am still playing Disney Magic Castle and that I am super hyped for the release of wave 5! I’ll be back with a new post in a few days after I get some keys and cards to share with you! Wish me luck!

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