Disney Magic Castle: Return of the Obsession!

Hello, hello! It’s good to be back to the blog life again! The main reason I decided to revive this blog is because I have also reignited an obsession from this past winter. Disney Magic Castle Kira Kira Shiny Star! The super cute arcade carddass game! I mention this ever so often, but apparently this game (the 3DS version anyway) is called Disney Magical World in English speaking countries outside of Japan. I really have no clue why they felt the need to change the name… :/

Anyway, I found a game center that has a system that will let me record my game play onto a USB memory stick! I had heard about this system for games such as PriPara and Aikatsu Stars, but didn’t think that it existed for Disney Magic Castle! Surprise, surprise! So of course, I had to go check it out and get myself re-addicted to this game.

This pose had pretty much had me squealing at the game center

Is my character not the cutest thing ever? I went ahead and named her Abi after…well, myself. How original of me. I started playing again just in time to catch the tail end of the Easter event and catch it, I did! I managed to get both Easter outfits AND the magical shiny keys that go with them. (…By get I mean buy them off of Yahoo! Auctions :3)

If you want to see how the Easter stage looks and sounds, you’re in luck! I have a video explaining the basic game play and also me failing at being a rhythm game master. (Some day I will get an all perfect score! Just not for a while…)

As all games that leech away your money, Disney Magic Castle really knows how to get you to keep coming back. I played the Easter stage one time and collected 18 Easter eggs. Apparently I need 100 to unlock the fancy Mickey Mouse Easter egg sparkling aura. Did I mention that the sparkling auras don’t really do anything? They just look cool and I somehow feel the need to have them all!

I don’t have the 100 egg sparkling aura…yet(!), but I did manage to get some colorful Easter eggs from the treasure box that you get to open at the end of the game! There also seems to be a really cute Minnie Mouse Easter egg, but I have no clue how to unlock it. I still have a lot to learn about this game!

“Image Change OK!”

Along with the sparkling auras, I’m also obsessed with collecting all the different hairstyles and colors! I’m already working on making a list of how you can unlock each one! Each key unlocks a new look and sometimes you can win rewards when you rank up!

Anyway. If you want to learn more about Disney Magic Castle Kira Kira Shiny Star, please check out my playlist on YouTube! I also talk about it a lot (and I mean A LOT) on my Twitter account @studiolorien so come follow me and listen to me ramble! I’m also looking for people who play as well! Let me know if you’re living in Japan or perhaps just visiting and play Disney Magic Castle!

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