Disney Magic Castle Card Gummy 3

A new wave of Disney Magic Castle Card Gummy blind bags came out on August 15th! After looking at the lineup I had decided not to buy a full box because only two of the cards were exclusive and I owned most of the other coords, but then I came across them at the supermarket and decided to grab a few just to try my luck.

I was able to get two full coords and an accessory card that I didn’t own, so I think that’s pretty lucky! I did already own the Cinderella coord, but at least it’s a full coord and I can definitely pass it on to my friend who plays Disney Magic Castle with me! 🙂

Speaking of getting lucky, I was able to pull the exclusive coord! This doesn’t happen very often so you can guess how excited I was! I almost like this outfit better than the exclusive set I got at the Kira Kira Shiny Party event. Which do you like better?

If you want to see my reactions as I open the blind bags make sure to check out my video!
Wave 5 comes out tomorrow! SO EXCITED!
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