Love Live! Sunshine!!: Dia Kurosawa Figure

Goooood morning! I did an unboxing video on this cute Dia figure a while back and thought I might as well post the photos too, since I’m trying to blog a bit more actively now! We all know that I have enough toys to fill up a blog or two.

Quick history, I won this figure at my local game center while I was waiting for Mr. Panda (my husband) to pick me up. I’d seen this figure a few times before, but wasn’t in love with it enough to try and spend 2,000+ yen and try to win it or to buy it from a second hand store. I guess it was destiny though because someone had already worked on this figure a bit and she was THIS close to falling off. I had 800 yen in change, decided that was going to be my budget, and went at it!

Surprisingly it only cost 100 yen for 1 play, I feel like the more popular anime merch is usually 200 yen for 1 try, but I’m not complaining! Anyway, there’s no exciting twist to this story, I won it in 6 tries and brought her home. The end.

“There’s somewhere I want to go with you.”

I think her face and hair look really nice! Dia’s eyes will always look stunning. I always appreciate when figures have hair and clothes that look like they’re in motion.

I’ve heard mixed reviews about this figure and as I mentioned at the beginning, she’s not my absolute favorite either, but for a claw machine prize I think she’s well made.

The top is cute, but I do feel the  pants are a bit awkward.

To be fair though, they don’t exactly look awesome in the illustration either.

The leg posing is a bit unnatural as well, but again, for an anime character it’s not THAT weird.

The design reminds me of the bathroom tiles at my parent’s house, a little. Now, I did sound a bit more negative in this post than I did in my initial review on YouTube, but I think that’s because I’m getting a good look at these photos now and the flaws are standing out more to me. I still think it’s decent quality for a claw machine prize though. I definitely have seen much worse.

Apparently I forgot to take a full body photo so please check out my video to see an overview of this Dia Kurosawa figure! Leave me a comment down below and tell me what you thought! Is she hot or not? D:

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