Aikatsu Stars: Berry Parfait Brand Card Set

As you may know, along with Disney Magic Castle and PriPara, I am also a fan of Aikatsu and Aikatsu Stars. I didn’t really play Aikatsu DCD, but since Aikatsu Stars started over a year ago I’ve been following the anime and game. I did take a break from playing the game for a while because it was impossible to complete any of the waves, but since then the system has been improved and updated!

I also made an unboxing and review video on this set so I’m going to try not to repeat myself here, but I will mention here too that I bought this set because I anticipated Yume getting her own Star Premium Rare (SPR) coord in the next wave of the game and upcoming anime. I was only half right and it looks like her SPR is going to come from her “new” brand Rainbow Berry Parfait. Oops.

I was a huge fan of Ichigo’s brand Angely Sugar in Aikatsu and I’m finding that I’m loving Yume’s brand Berry Parfait just as much! In all of the fashion, magical girl, and idol animes I’ve followed, I’ve always loved the girly outfits and styles. (Though I do really like the darker “cool” styles as well.) I guess opposites attract because in reality I wear a lot of black and navy.

I’m super excited that it came with a card case because the past few times I went to the game center I took my binders with me, but it was a huge pain trying to get the cards out and just way too much hassle. This way I’ll have to be a little more organized before I go to the arcades, but it will be much less bulky!

I may not be grade changing these cards into SPR coords, but I will try to take advantage of the summer bonus event that is coming up and try to get the Berry Parfait Premium Rare (PR) coord! Who can say no to double EXP and rare cards? The chance of getting a rare card will be doubled and the chance to grade change will be tripled! The summer bonus will be running from July 10th (2017) through the 17th! I also believe there will be new My Chara parts to collect! I will probably continue rocking the side pony though.

If you want to see these cards and poster that came with this set in detail, please check out the video that I uploaded! I will be taking these cards to the arcade soon and will hopefully have a gameplay video up in the near future! If you like Aikatsu Stars, I would love to hear from you as I don’t have many friends who are into the anime idol scene 😛 Tweet me @StudioLorien!

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