#500 Sakura Miku Nendoroid

After a very long wait my Sakura Miku is finally here! I pre-ordered her at the beginning of January and she was supposed to come in April, but then got delayed multiple times and it is now October. I also made the mistake of sending her to my parent’s house and had to get her forwarded to my place. Oops.

At first I thought the box was covered with a thing piece of paper, but then I found out that it looks faded because it’s made with washi paper or has a washi-like texture anyway. I thought that was super appropriate for a Nendoroid made in Japan. I was just doing a massive cleaning in my office the other day and had just made the decision to not keep all of my Nendoroid boxes, but now I feel like I should. Dilemmas!!

Here’s the back of the box. I’ve always been in love with Sakura Miku and had thought about buying the previous version, but when I saw the pre-order for #500 I knew that this was the one that I needed.

Miku-chan still in her packaging. I wish I could buy multiples so I could open one and keep the other in mint condition in her box. Everything looks nice in original packaging.

And here is Miku fresh out of the box with all of the plastic wrappings removed. I love my Snow Miku, but this Sakura Miku may be my new favorite. Her hair is so amazing!

Here are all of the pieces out of the box, just enough to create multiple poses, but not too many that it gets confusing. I love that they stuck with the cherry blossom viewing theme with the dango and sweet sake. I definitely like her original pigtails better, but the braids are cute too.

“Would you like a dango?”

“I picked a flower for you.”

“Senpai, let me pour some sweet sake for you.”

I’m not a Nendoroid expert, but I really like the quality of #500 Sakura Miku. The faces are a really nice matte and the hair and clothes had a really nice plastic-y feel to them rather than a rubbery feel that some of my other Nendoroids have.

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