#403 Nagisa Momoe Nendoroid

It is time for me to share my love of Madoka Magica and to unbox the lovely Nagisa Momoe! I purchased this beautiful girl earlier in the year, but me being me I’ve let her stand in her box for far too long. I’m happy to say that she has now happily joined my other unboxed Nenrodoid figures.

The box is fairly simple and in the traditional Nendoroid style.

Here are all the cute poses and faces!

Hold on! I’ll get you out of there!

Super duper cute!

…Super duper creepy!

Nagisa loves her cheese!

She even comes with her bubble gun.

I feel like Nagisa comes with just the right amount of parts and an over abundance of cuteness! I know she’s more of a fan service character, but I love her just as much as the other magical girls. Moe~ ♡

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